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2022 Christmas Gift Guide

2022 Christmas Gift Guide

Garden lovers come in all shapes and sizes. Some revel in getting their hands dirty, others delight in the efforts of others; some are experienced, while others have yet to sow their first seed. Selecting a gift for a garden-loving friend or family member can be taxing, so I’ve curated a host of ideas based on my years of experience as a gardener and gift buyer. 

Given the year we’ve all been through, I’ve provided lots of affordable choices so that you needn’t fork out more than necessary. Dig in, and hopefully I can help you to dazzle even the most seasoned gardener with your thoughtfulness and ingenuity.

Merry Christmas!


P.S. Scroll down to find details of all the gifts pictured above.

Gifts For Children

Gardening fosters a deep understanding of nature and the circle of life, which is why it's so important to involve children from an early age. Growing something from seed or watching how insects go about their business are great places for any child to start.

  1. Dragonfly meadow seed mix, £5.50 - create a mini meadow filled with bee-friendly flowers.
  2. Plantable story book, £10 - grow herbs and vegetables from paper impregnated with seeds.
  3. Children’s toolset, £10 - learn to dig, plant and rake with these long-handled tools.
  4. Ladybird tower, £15 - observe the antics of a gardener's best friend ….. and an aphid’s worse foe!
  5. The Little Grower’s Cookbook, £20 - have fun with this colourful compendium of appealing activities for budding chefs and gardeners.

Gifts For Houseplant Fanatics

I was around the first time Swiss cheese plants and fiddle-leaf figs were in vogue. As trends go, I couldn’t be happier that houseplants are filling our homes with lush greenery again. Impress the plant parents in your life with a gift that will encourage their enthusiasm to grow.

  1. Pearl mini planter, £10 - show off your succulents and tiny terrarium plants in this cute glazed pot with an accompanying saucer.
  2. Orchid care cracker, £15 - keep prized plants in tip-top condition with a combination of food and nourishing mist.
  3. Houseplant care gift set, £30 - give any houseplant a boost using natural formulations to feed and protect.
  4. Leaf cleaning brush, £45 - use this handcrafted brush to keep large-leaved plants free of dust and grime.
  5. Copper watering can, £50  - make watering a pleasure with a beautifully balanced, British-made can.

Essentials Gifts For Beginner Gardeners

You’re never too young or old to start gardening. If someone you know has caught the bug this year, here are five gifts that will ignite their new-found passion.

  1. Cosmos seeds, £3.50 - sow these easy-going annuals and be rewarded with delicate flowers for months on end.
  2. Twine gift box, £8 - keep plants neat and tidy with this trio of British wool twines.
  3. Natural rubber seed tray £15 - go plastic-free by opting for sustainably sourced rubber.
  4. Forged hand trowel, £20 - use this handcrafted tool for planting, scooping and potting. Designed to last a lifetime.
  5. Mainichi secateurs, £42 - prune and deadhead with ease using these simple yet effective Japanese secateurs. Everyone should own a pair.

Gifts For Gardeners Who Have Everything

When you’ve been gardening for as long as I have, you tend to gather your favourite tools around you, making it devilishly hard for friends and family to come up with gift ideas. Any keen gardener would be overjoyed to add these items to their outdoor armoury.

  1. Dandelion weeder, £10 - use this handy tool to remove tap-rooted weeds from lawns and borders. Always a bestseller.
  2. Flowerpot brush, £18 - rid terracotta pots of dirt between uses with this unusual yet attractive brush.
  3. Golden spade, £42 - dig and divide to your heart’s content using a light, sharp spade, which comes in two handy sizes.
  4. Dan Cooper Garden Apron, £69 - keep your clothes clean and your favourite accessories close to hand while wearing a smart apron.
  5. GR Pro Secateurs, £84 - prune like a pro using hard-working, easy-to-maintain secateurs. Their strength, sharpness and ease of care are unrivalled.

Gifts For Armchair Gardeners

Hard to believe, but not everyone enjoys getting dirt under their fingernails! For those who prefer to potter, visit open gardens or simply support a garden-loving partner, here are a few botanically-inspired gems.

  1. Tomato Soap, £5.50 - a single bar of this Florentine soap will fill a bathroom or cloakroom with the unmistakable scent of tomato leaves.
  2. Cowslip coaster, £7 - protect surfaces from heat and moisture with a melamine coaster - there are 12 designs in all!
  3. Kitchen garden tea towel, £12 - keep your crockery clean and your glassware sparkling with a sumptuous cotton tea towel.
  4. Dahlia notecards, £12 - say thank you or share news with loved ones by sending them a beautifully illustrated notecards.
  5. Iris candle, £49 - indulge in the soft, powdery scent of bearded irises by lighting this elegant, sustainably-produced candle.

Gifts For Wildlife Enthusiasts

Caring for the creatures that inhabit our gardens is as much part of our responsibility as nurturing our precious plants. Each of these gifts is inspired by welcome visitors to our plots and patches.

  1. Kew teasel seeds, £3.99 - provide a source of seeds for garden birds, especially goldfinches, by sowing teasel
  2. Honeycomb tree decoration, £15 - celebrate the industry and artistry of honeybees, captured in this handmade glass ornament.
  3. Artisan wild bird nester, £18 - give roosting and nesting birds somewhere warm and cosy to shelter by hanging this nester in a sheltered spot.
  4. Natural log robin nest box, £30 - welcome our most iconic birds to your garden by offering them high class accommodation.
  5. Solitary bee hive, £35 - observe the unique lifestyle of solitary bees by mounting a hive in your garden.

Gifts Featured In The Main Image

Clockwise from top left:

  1. Tomato Christmas decoration, £10
  2. Twine gift box, £8
  3. Pear coaster, £7
  4. Gooseberry coaster, £7
  5. Forged hand fork, £20
  6. Tough Touch gloves, £28
  7. Mainichi secateurs, £42
  8. Artichoke soap, £5.50
  9. Little Grower’s Cookbook (signed copy), £20
  10. Candy annual meadow seeds, £5.50

Gifts for gardeners

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