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As July approaches, we can finally start to make the most of our gardens for relaxing and socialising.

Emu's chic, sophisticated bistro set is now available in four fabulous colours - navy, poppy, curry and lichen. The chairs are beautifully contoured so that you can watch the world go by in blissful comfort.

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In June our gardens are awash with delicious fragrances. The subtle, powdery notes of iris mingle with spicy, potent damask rose and soothing lavender. Greenhouses are once again heavy with the sweet, tangy scent of tomato foliage.

Bring the outside in with sublime summer scents captured perfectly by master candlemakers Carrière Frères.

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Smart Gardening

Years of gardening experience have taught me how to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to garden tools. Those I have selected for Dan Cooper Garden should last you a lifetime provided they are treated with care.

I consider each a fine example of its kind; form and function perfectly combined to make working in the garden a pleasure.

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The Birds and the bees

By now our gardens are filled with birdsong and the gentle buzzing of bees. If you're lucky, you may spot a butterfly alighting on a flower, a ladybird hunting for aphids or a damselfly flitting across a pond. Hedgehogs and birds will be busily feeding their young so that they can soon fend for themselves.

As responsible gardeners it's important that we each do our bit to support wildlife by providing sources of food, water and shelter.

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