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Plantsmith Houseplant Care Gift Box


Ensure your houseplants grow like billy-o with this duo of houseplant care essentials.

A smart box contains a bottle of Fortifying Houseplant Tonic and a bottle of Perfecting Houseplant Care Mist - everything you need to keep your indoor greenery in top condition. Plantsmith's formulations are inspired by professional growers and include all the essential nutrients necessary for healthy, happy houseplants.

  • For use on all houseplants and succulents
  • 2 x 500ml
  • Fortifying Tonic contains potassium, magnesium and iron for strong, glossy leaves and beautiful flowers. Kelp extract helps to stimulate cell growth
  • Care Mist contains lavender and avocado oils to deter pests plus kelp extract and humic acid to stimulate growth
  • Reusable glass bottles, plastic spray and pump

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Plantsmith Fortifying Houseplant Tonic

Unlike outdoor plants, houseplants are completely reliant on their hosts to keep them well fed. Although they arrive in compost that contains low levels of fertiliser, these nutrients are quickly used up, typically within 6-8 weeks. Using a good plant food will ensure your houseplants are getting the vital minerals and vitamins they need to flourish.

It’s best to feed houseplants regularly during their growing season, which runs from March to September. During this time, use Fortifying Tonic every other time you water your indoor plants. Mixing it couldn’t be easier - simply shake the bottle well and mix 5 ml (approximately 4 pumps) into a litre of tepid water and apply to the compost at the base of the plant. For younger plants mix the same amount into 2 litres of water so that it's slightly weaker.

Ensure your plants do not sit in water as this will rot the roots and kill the plants. Come back and check 15 minutes after watering and pour away any water that remains in the saucer or planter.

Plantsmith Perfecting Houseplant Care Mist

Many of our favourite houseplants originally come from tropical climates where they flourish in humid conditions. Our warm, dry homes mean they lose moisture quickly. This can cause leaves to wilt and turn crisp or result in flower buds dropping before they open. Regularly use of a houseplant mist spray, especially during colder months when central heating is on, can help to simulate the jungly atmosphere our plants crave.

To use, shake the bottle well and then mist the leaves until it looks like a fine dew has settled on them. Then gently spritz the top of the compost to moisten it. Take care to avoid directly spraying flowers as excessive moisture can spoil them. Other than that, use the spray as often as you wish and enjoy the subtle lavender aroma.

Brand Focus


The team at Plantsmith are on a mission to demystify houseplant care and help indoor gardeners get the best from their greenery. Born from over 40 years of horticultural experience, Plantsmith products are professional formulations that combine essential minerals and natural, non-toxic ingredients. These are high-performance products, packaged beautifully in reusable bottles to reflect their quality.  

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