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'Nada' Copper trowel


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Copper tools are not only beautiful but useful too. This trowel has a wide, flat profile making it perfect for digging and planting. Wonderfully sharp edges help it glide through the soil with ease. If you're looking for a gift for a gardener, you can't really go wrong with this lovely example of Slovenian craftsmanship.

  • Versatile, easy to use garden tool 
  • Overall dimensions: 30cm x 10cm x 8cm
  • Made from bronze with an ash wood handle
  • Rustproof

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There is so much to say in praise of copper tools that it's hard to understand why we don't use them more often. As well as being deeply practical, they make very glamorous gifts for gardeners when new and still softly gleaming.

In its pure form, copper can be beaten or formed into complex shapes without cracking. When combined with small quantities of other metals, notably tin to make bronze, copper retains its flexibility but becomes considerably harder and more durable.

Copper tools are sharp and can be sharpened with a whetstone or file. Whatsmore, because the metal has a low coefficient of friction, there is less tendency for soil to cling to it. Copper tools glide through the ground and need minimal cleaning, however, they can be dented if they hit stones or other large obstacles.

Copper does not rust so tools made from bronze have a much longer lifespan than those forged from iron. Over time they will develop an attractive patina that helps to protect the metal beneath. As copper tools are used, minute amounts of copper are deposited in the soil benefitting microorganisms but deterring slugs and snails. Traces of copper also increase the soil's ability to retain water, which is particularly useful in light, sandy or dry situations

Brand Focus

OJ Bron

Osti Jarej Bron are husband and wife team Tina and Tomaž Kvasnik. At their home in Slovenia they use age-old techniques to manufacture tools from alloys of copper; handles are turned from local, sustainably-sourced timber. Combining a deep understanding of farming, carpentry, ecology, biodynamics and geometry Tina and Tomaž are able to create tools that will become a part of you over the years. As well as looking exceptionally beautiful when new, copper tools quickly develop a rich, protective patina. They are lightweight, easy to use and do not rust. Copper has a positive effect on the soil and is believed to help repel slugs and snails. Whilst that can’t be guaranteed, every little helps in the battle against our age-old foes. OJ Bron tools make fabulous gifts and self-treats.

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OJ Bron

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