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OJ Bron

Osti Jarej Bron are husband and wife team Tina and Tomaž Kvasnik. At their home in Slovenia they use age-old techniques to manufacture tools from alloys of copper; handles are turned from local, sustainably-sourced timber. Combining a deep understanding of farming, carpentry, ecology, biodynamics and geometry Tina and Tomaž are able to create tools that will become a part of you over the years. As well as looking exceptionally beautiful when new, copper tools quickly develop a rich, protective patina. They are lightweight, easy to use and do not rust. Copper has a positive effect on the soil and is believed to help repel slugs and snails. Whilst that can’t be guaranteed, every little helps in the battle against our age-old foes. OJ Bron tools make fabulous gifts and self-treats.

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