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Teeming with animals and plants, this colour-in tablecloth provides a brilliant introduction to life below the water's surface. Children can have fun learning about the life cycles of frogs and dragonflies and identifying different aquatic species. Then, when they're ready to hang up their goloshes, pop the tablecloth on a warm machine wash, and the ink disappears, ready for their next dip.

A colour-in tablecloth is a fun, educational gift for nature-loving children. It's great for birthdays, Christmas, parties, and keeping young biologists busy at the kitchen table.

  • Overall dimensions: 130cm x 85cm (unfolded)
  • Made from 100% cotton
  • Wash at 40ºC and allow to dry naturally
  • Suitable for children of reading age and over
  • Can also be used as a wall hanging

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Your Questions Answered

Does the ink really wash out?

It does! eatsleepdoodle ink is completely water-soluble, so it washes out on a warm machine wash leaving no marks. Best of all, the ink won’t affect anything else in the wash, so go ahead and put your eatsleepdoodle textiles in with your whites and they will all come out ink-free.

Does every eatsleepdoodle textile gift come with pens?

Ten wash-out doodle pens are included in every textile product – they are the essential ingredient.

What about when the doodle pens run out?

Although the pens are filled with plenty of ink for lots of colouring fun, they will run out eventually. Top-up sets of eatsleepdoodle pens are all available.

Will it wash out if I get doodle colour ink on other fabrics?

So long as the fabric itself is washable, the doodle ink will wash out.

Will colour go through the textile I am colouring?

With regular colouring, very little or no colour should go through. With heavier colouring, some dots of colour may go through. Still, provided you are colouring over a pillow or other washable item, there’s no problem, as the ink washes out of everything washable. If you have concerns, use a protective layer such as a clean tea towel underneath your eatsleepdoodle textile while colouring.

What age are doodle products suitable for?

eatsleepdoodle products are great for all ages. Reading age upwards is recommended just so the recipient can read the print on the pen to know the difference between doodle pens and other pen types!

Do you have any colouring tips?

The pens are filled with plenty of ink so that the colouring fun can go on and on. Due to the absorbent nature of cotton and the pressure applied when colouring, some colour bleeding may occur when heavy colouring occurs. The best trick for perfect colouring is to border the area with the thin nib first, let that dry for a few seconds and then fill in using the thick nib.

When you choose to have two colours right next to each other, let the first colour dry for a minute or two before adding the second colour. This will prevent the colours from bleeding into each other.

Can I sleep on my doodled pillow?

Yes, absolutely. The colour will not blur or attach to the skin unless it becomes damp.

If I get ink on my skin, will it wash off?

Yes, it will wash off completely. It may require a couple of wash sessions with soap and water, but the ink will disappear completely.

What if my child licks a pen – is the ink safe?

Yes, eatsleepdoodle ink is entirely safe and non-toxic. The pens and ink have been tested and comply with the highest international safety standards.

Brand Focus


Based in Salisbury, England, Eatsleepdoodle is devoted to making fun, creative, educational textiles that can be customised with wash-out fabric pens. Their joyful illustrations are packed with fascinating features that captivate children as they colour. It's no surprise that their award-winning products are hugely popular with parents, teachers and children alike! 

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