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Garden Mentoring

Garden Mentoring

If you are brand new to gardening, eager to increase your knowledge or about to take on a significant project, I will help you grow your skills and confidence to tackle any challenge.

I offer tailored, one-to-one mentoring courses, comprising a series of online sessions designed to help you on your way to success. 

Six sessions, scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly to suit you, cost £295, a little less than £50 per session. I can offer longer or shorter courses and individual sessions to suit your needs - just get in touch and I will make a bespoke plan for you.

Gardens are my passion, so I like to be generous with my time and knowledge, ensuring you get as much help as you need to proceed confidently. 

My qualification is a BSc in Horticulture & Landscape Management from the University of Reading. I draw on 40 years of gardening and garden-making to help you achieve your goals. 

If you’d like to book mentoring sessions, drop me a line at, and I will get in touch to arrange your schedule. I will request payment for mentoring in advance.

Find out all about my garden at The Watch House here.

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Here's what clients have to say:

"When I first contacted Dan about his garden mentoring sessions, I had been a gardener for 1.5 years. Gardening was fascinating and exciting new hobby for me, but it was also a lonely and frustrating one because I'm based in Hong Kong, and I found it difficult finding English-speaking local gardeners who could share their experience and knowledge with me. What surprised me the most was that despite being from the UK, Dan was very knowledgeable when it came to Asian plants (and specifically Chinese plants) and was able to give me tailored, specific and effective advice around things like garden design, pest control, tool care, plant selection and plant health. I have learned so much and really looked forward to our weekly sessions. I have had experience with other service providers before, and I could tell Dan was different because he was so incredibly passionate about gardens. I love how even though he is light years ahead of me in terms of gardening experience, he still gets excited when I show him little things like my coleus collection, a fruiting okra plant and new camellia buds. He also gave me very practical advice around garden design that saved me a lot of trouble and money.

People often give me a raised eyebrow when I tell them I have a garden mentor in the UK, but I consider it one of the best investments I've made in terms of my gardening journey. I'm loving my experience, and I hope you will give it a go and find it useful too." Stephanie, Hong Kong.

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