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My Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

My Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gardeners

If you're not sure what to buy your garden-loving friends and family for Christmas, you're in the right place. Here, I share my top ten gifts for gardeners, from inexpensive stocking fillers to special treats. Read on, or watch me showcase the full line up on YouTube:

My Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Gardeners, 2023

  1. Speedweeder (£7) - a nifty tool for weeding and cultivating.
  2. Twine Gift Box (£8) - super-sustainable, general-purpose garden twine with exceptional strength and longevity. (105m, not 115m!)
  3. Edible Flower Seeds (£10) - contains borage, calendula and nasturtium.
  4. Laura Stoddart Dahlia Tea Towel (£12) - soft cotton tea towel printed in the UK.
  5. Tahera Bird Nester (£18) - somewhere for small birds to roost overnight and nest in spring.
  6. Buttercup Bowl and Small Flower Frog (£22 bundle) - the perfect way to display flowers.
  7. Signature Dutch Planting Trowel (£29) - 'must have' tool of the year.
  8. Golden Spade (£42/£36) - a brilliant, multi-purpose spade for digging.
  9. Opinel pruning Saw (£45) - handy when the job is too big for secateurs or loppers.
  10. Mini shears (£55) - perfect for trimming lavender hedges and topiary.

If, after all, you can't decide, I have gift cards available too.

*Please note that prices are correct at the time of posting (21.11.23) but may change in future.

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